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Habilis (hab-uh-luhs):
(adj) suitable or fit to work - skillful.

You & Us
The only special products we offer are our skill, our craft, and our experience. We don't offer anything proprietary. Our competition has access to all of the same products and tools that we do.

However, with HABILIS, along with our proud craftsmanship also comes our exceptional service. From our first conversations to our last, trust that you will be in great hands. Our future success is built on our relationship with you. Together let’s create something beautiful.



Wall Surrounds

Counter Tops




Wall Surrounds

Counter Tops



Del Monte

  • Shower tile
  • Countertops
  • Flooring

Nobelwood Crest

  • Flooring

Nobelwood Crest

  • Flooring
  • Counter Tops
  • Wainscot

" We practice precision
-not pace- when it comes to a finished product that will be as visible as our work. "

- Joseph Locks


Project management Technical Advisory
  • Proper setting materials
  • Thin Set
  • Grouts
  • Sealers
  • Cleaners
  • Bond Failures

Classic Technique

We are on the shortlist of installers that float walls and floors with mud work (a portland and sand mix).

The advantage to this is on walls and floors we can achieve plumb, level and square substrates.


We utilize as much new tech as possible to help mitigate common installation problems like efflorescence, cracking of tile and grout, and grout discoloration.

We have the extreme privilege of working with Joe and his team at HABILIS Stone Works. Joe is in complete control of his projects, attentive to the finer details, and most importantly, a great communicator. From start to finish Joe stands in front of and behind his work. We are truly grateful that Joe can serve our clients extraordinarily well. Thank you, Joe!

- Erin Stetzer / Stetzer Builders

Joe is our go-to guy! His team at Habilis does beautiful work, they are reliable, honest and efficient. We proudly partner with Habilis as often as we can.

- Jeannine Nuzzi / Gabriel Home Builders

"Absolutely the best!
I hired Joseph Locks of Habilis to repair my home after hurricane Harvey… Hiring Joe was the best decision I could have possibly made. From the moment I called Joe the day after the storm – he drove right over to survey the damage despite the fact that he was literally on his way out of town on vacation – all the way through the final touches, Joe went far above and beyond anything I would expect from even the best of contractors. In addition to his overall commitment, he and his team were extremely professional, trustworthy and they were even punctual – I did not have to wait for one of them to arrive even a single time. In the end, the work was finished quickly and was of extremely high quality – my house is beautiful again!!! So if you have the opportunity to hire Joe, just do it.”

- Michael Paldino / Homeowner

I am absolutely in love with my new floors! Joe and his team were professional, on time, and very detail oriented. I warned him from the beginning that I had high standards and he worked with me during a dry layout to get the tile placed just right. I highly recommend Habilis to any friends and family as I can assure them they will receive a fabulous result!

- Michelle Goldberg / Homeowner

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